Diet tailored to your DNA

Adjust your diet according to the real needs of your body. Learn from your DNA what is the best diet for you or how to achieve different nutrition goals faster and more effectively.


Perfect your exercise program

Find the best exercises for your body with the Nutrifit DNA Test. DNA testing provides a snapshot of your body's characteristics and suggests personalized training plans based on your needs.


Skin health

Nutrifit is your personal journey to skin health, vitality and rejuvenation in harmony with your genes. Adjust your diet and create the skin care conditions that work for you!



DNA, which is the code of the human body, contains the genetic material and gives us important information about the course of our health. Genes are parts of the DNA that, in combination with the environment, determine our appearance, our body structure, our personality and behavior, our state of health, and often the conditions at which we are vulnerable.

"Nutrigenomics" - or "Nutritionogenetics", is the science of molecular nutrition related to the prevention of various diseases. People with different genes respond differently to foods and their constituents.

Nutrition is broadly aimed at identifying genes that are related to nutrition and increase or contribute to the prevention of various diseases. It also helps us to understand the various mechanisms behind genetic predisposition.

Genetic nutrition is a diet that is specialized and determined by our personal genotype and is based on the knowledge of our body's nutritional needs.

Every person is unique and has their own needs. A personalized genetic profile approach is required.

What is detected with Nutrifit Test;


With Nutrifit Test we can test our body's personalized ability in the following:

  • Lactose intolerance

  • Sensitivity to carbohydrates

  • Sensitivity to saturated fat

  • Predisposition to obesity

  • Possible predisposition to celiac disease (Gluten Intolerance)

  • Sensitivity to coffee, alcohol and salt

  • Antioxidant capacity of the body - need for antioxidants through diet

  • Ability to fight inflammation - need for omega 3 fatty acids

  • Detoxification ability - need for cruciferous vegetables

  • Need for complex B vitamins and vitamin D

  • The right way to exercise for weight management and to improve athletic performance

Take advantage of it Nutrifit Test


Stop chasing the perfect diet and listen to your body on how to have successful and long lasting results.

Rejuvenation and Beauty

Understanding your genetic predisposition to wrinkles, cellulite and other skin diseases can prolong your youthful appearance.

Metabolism Factors

Cholesterol, triglycerides or blood sugar levels are determined by your genetics and may require extra attention.

Pharmaceutical Response

Certain medicines react differently to your body. Knowing your DNA can increase the safety and effectiveness of your treatments.

Sports & Entertainment

Did you know that your genes determine whether a particular workout will only create muscle tissue or accumulate adipose tissue?

Sensitivity to Diseases

The development of diseases is encoded in our genes and can be prevented with additional attention in different monitoring methods.

All we need is a simple saliva sample and all the rest is left to our state-of-the-art equipment and our highly qualified staff.

By sampling the cells of the mouth and saliva, the DNA is isolated and analyzed.
Clinical examination and detailed history taking, risk factor recording and laboratory testing are also performed.
We then develop a specialized nutrition and prevention program based on your personal genotype.
The diet plan is designed to focus on gaining or maintaining a normal body weight and preventing diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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